“If you are a person who has loved a dog, or a reader who loves an unforgettable character, you will find Stella Gale: A Rare Breed to be difficult to put down.
—Kent’s greatest achievement is in telling the lives of some very wounded people in a world where “Only the Animals is Innocent”—there is a vision that is generous, a spirit that is compassionate, and humor that is healing in a sometimes desperate world. Expect to be moved deeply and to laugh heartily.”

Pat Schneider of Amherst Writers and Artists

Gritty but Funny!
This is not my typical genera of book and I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but a co-worker recommended it so I read it. Regardless of all the darkness and grit (not unlike 'Girl with a Dragon Tattoo') I was pleasantly surprised by the humor throughout the book, especially during the dog show. Who knew that so much scandalous, but hilarious, turn of events went into a National Dog Show. It's true that the dogs really were the only innocent ones in this not so pristine and glamorous world where everyone has his/her own agenda. Even though the dogs were not main characters, it seemed as though their important supporting roles where what the entire story revolved around. It was a fascinating and brilliant means of writing. Overall, I thought the story line was intriguing and well written. I am definitely reading the next book in the series because I need to know who goes up against Stella next!

Kendra E. Munroe
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"Stella Gale" is a must read; it's hilariously gritty with a cold splash of diabolicalness. Is that even a word? Great characters make great stories and this author has come up with some doozies on both counts.

Amazon Customer
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Making It Last
Half way through and slowing down to make it last. Stella Gale is insufferable and addictive. I want her to be my friend. I want to become a Madam and a dog breeder. It is a sign of good fiction that the reader enters another world and wants to stay.


B L Wicks
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