Excerpts from Book II - Stella Gale: What Now?

Excerpt from Prologue
Margo, time got away from me. I’m sorry. I believe I still love you, but I don’t know—certainty got away from me as well. I hope you can wait, but I don’t expect it.
    I’m okay in this moment as I squat here beside this palm tree.
    I’m waiting.
    There are things I have to do before I can return. I want you to understand that, but again, I don’t expect it. My god, I’m so far away from everything and everyone I’ve ever known.
    There are many people here and everywhere, like me—lost. I’m doing what I can for myself and for them. I never would’ve imagined any of this. Maybe I’ll finally be whole.
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Excerpt from Chapter 5 - A “Crazy Mistake”
Tara turned from the purposeful vet, the wounded pony, and the muddled girl. She could not allow her uneasiness to take advantage of her for one more second. Haven’t I just witnessed enough? It’s simply not possible that there’s any more to this. It’s over.
    She opened the door of her Cherokee and patted the top of Yam’s head as she snapped a leash to his collar. “Let’s you and I take a little breather and go for a walk.”
    Yam cocked his ears and studied her with great anticipation as the word “walk” hit the air. He waited.
    She turned from him and looked back at the tragic scene. “We’re not needed here. Mama needs a break and I’m certain after all the horror we’ve witnessed, a good long walk would give us both some much need…”
    She was suddenly yanked from her soliloquy.
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